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R&C Machinery has been providing a wide range of machine tool and robotic products with cutting-edge technologies for years. Our mission is to locate and deliver the most appropriate Chinese made machine tools, namely lathe machines, machining centers, boring mills, CNC Lathe,Conventional Lathe,Vertical Lathe,Wheel Repair Lathe Machine,Planer & Slotting Machines,Machine Accessories,Boring and Milling Machine,Laser Cutting Machine,Dental Milling Machine,Glass Tempering Furnace,Special Machine for Pipe Threading ,Valve Milling, End Facing Machine,milling machines and robotic products.We pride ourselves on marvelous manufacturing power, professional services, strong technical support and dedicated team members.

We are fully aware of the challenges our customers face in efficiency, accuracy, cost, and durability, meanwhile we are pleased to assist with the selection process to make sure our products help erase all concerns in the mentioned aspects. We know the key to successful business is not to lower price to open up the market, so we care more about products' quality and customer satisfaction. Our sales, technical and after-sale teams offer services available home and abroad to achieve products' top quality and customer's positive feedbacks.
In days to come, we pledge to meet the needs of customers, and the needs of their industries, through keeping providing higher value-added products and professional services. At R&C Machinery, we understand we are only one part of an entire chain of actions to be taken to ensure your satisfaction, and we firmly build our confidence on our product diversification strategies that offer solutions to various industries.

R&C, your Right Choice.

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