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Conventional lathes machine - DRC Machinery

Heavy Duty Conventional Lathe - DRC Machinery
Max.swing over bed:1600/1800/2000mm
Max.length of workpiece:3-16m
Range of spindle speed:0.8-160 r/min
Universal heavy duty lathe - DRC Machinery
Max.lenght of workpieces:5000-10000mm
Swing dia.over bed:1250/1400/2000mm
Stroke of cross slide:650/750/1050mm
Machining lathe - DRC Machinery
Max. length of workpieces:3000---10000
swing diameter over bed:1250/1400/1600/1800
spindle speed:4.25-192 r/min
Lathe machine tool - DRC Machinery
Max.swing over bed:1000/1250/1400/1600mm
Max.travel of top slide:350mm
center distance:1000----10000mm
Conventional Lathe Machine Tools - DRC Machinery
Swing over bed:400/500/660mm
Spindle speed:11-1400rpm/22speeds
Travel of cross slide:348mm
Manual lathe machine - DRC Machinery
Max swing over bed:360/410/510mm
Center distance750/1000/1500mm
SpindIe speeds:32-2000/16-1600rpm (12 speed)
Conventional Turning Lathe,cnc lathe machining - DRC Machinery
Max.swing over bed:630/800/1000mm
Center distance:760mm---6000mm
Max.travel of cross slide:445/493/1230mm
manual universal lathe machine - DRC Machinery.
Max workpiece length1500mm-8000mm
Max workpiece diameter1000/1250/1400/1600mm
Max turning length1300-5800mm
Metal Gap Bed Lathe Machine C62x750x1000/1500/2000 Mini Lathe Machine
High Quality lathe DRC C6150 metal lathe machine
ini Lathe Machine Metal Turning lathe DRCM6241
Gap Bed Lathe Machine DRC-H6240 Gap Bed Bench Lathe
Small Mini Lathe Machine DRC-H6250 Small Metal Lathes For Sale
Manual Common Engine Metal Lathe Machine DRC-H6236 gap bed lathe
Small Conventional Horizontal Lathe Machine DRCM6241V
precision metal mini lathe machine DRC-H6250B
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