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Max. Swing over bed:380mm
X-axis travel:230mm
Max. spindle speed:3200rpm
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Max.swing over bed:630/800mm
Max.swing over carriage:340/520mm
Max. processing length: 1500/3000mm
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Max. swing over bed:420mm
Distance between centers: 550mm
Spindle speed:3000rpm
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Max. swing over bed:500mm
Distance between centers:750/1000mm
Spindle speed :2000rpm
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Max. swing over bed:630mm
Distance between centers:1500/2000mm
Spindle speed :1600
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Max swing over bed: 260/300mm
Max work piece length: 600mm
Max machining length: 500mm
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Max turning diameter over bed: 360mm
Max work piece length:400mm
Max machining length: 230mm
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Max. swing over bed:360mm
The maximum cutting length:830mm
Maximum cutting diameter:300mm
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Max. swing over bed:360mm
The maximum cutting length:750 /1000mm
Max swing over slide:230mm
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