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vertical machine center,cnc vertical machine center - DRC Machinery

Table size:800×320mm
X/Y/Z Travel600×320×450mm
Spindle speed:8000 r/min
Fanuc Vertical Machine Center - DRC Machinery
Table size:800×420 mm
X/Y/Z Travel:600/420/500mm
Spindle speed:8000 r/min
Vertical Turning Center Machine - DRC Machinery
Table size:1050×500mm
X/Y/Z Travel:800/500/600mm
Spindle speed:8000 r/min
vertical cutting machine - DRC Machinery
Table size:1050×520 mm
X/Y/Z Travel:850/550/600mm
Spindle speed:8000 r/min
cnc vertical machining,vertical machining - DRC Machienry
Table size:1300×600 mm
X/Y/Z Travel:1000/600/650 mm
Spindle speed:8000 r/min
cnc vertical machining centres,cnc vertical machining centre - DRC Machinery
Table size:710x1400 mm
X/Y/Z Travel:1300/700/650 mm
Spindle speed:6000 r/min
vertical machining centres - DRC Machinery
Table size:1500×700 mm
X/Y/Z Travel:1300/700/650 mm
Spindle speed:6000 r/min
vertical machine centre - DRC Machinery
Worktable size:1700×800 mm
Travel forX/Y/Z axes:1500/800/750 mm
Spindle speed:6000r.p.m
MVL machine - DRC Machinery
Table(L×W) :2000×900mm
X/Y/Z travel: 1800/900/750mm
Maximum load of table:2500kg
cnc vertical machining center - DRC Machinery
Worktable size:1800×800 mm
Travel forX/Y/Z axes:1600/800/750 mm
Spindle speed:6000r.p.m
 Vertical Machining Center - DRC Machinery
Table size:800×450mm
Max loading: 500kg
Rapid shift of axes of X/Y/Z:48/48/48mm
vertical machineing machine - DRC Machinery
Worktable size:1000*450mm
X Travel: 800/500/550mm
Maximum load of table:500kg
vertical machining centre - DRC Machinery
Table(L×W): 1050×500mm
Table load Max:650kg
Travel for X/Y/Z axis:800/500/600
cnc vertical machining center price - DRC Machinery
Table(L×W): 1300 x 600mm
Table load Max:1000kg
Travel for X/Y/Z axis:1000/600/650
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Manufacturers sell DRC1370 vertical machining center 3-axis rail positioning accuracy 0,008mm
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